Scaled Resolution for 4k files

Running Channels directly on Sony X90J (Android TV) and have only just noticed when using Show Stats that 4K movies are always scaled to HD. They are also not listed as 4k files in their info in the Library (CC, 4K, Dolby Atmos etc). Native Resolution is 4k yet "Scaled Resolution 1920x1080" or lower

Is there a limitation in the TV app? No issues at all when using the app on AppleTV 4K.

The stats is wrong because the stats overlay itself is rendered at 1080p. But the video underneath is shown at original resolution


I was just trying to figure out why Firestick 4K scales everything down to 1080p :wink:
Maybe reporting the actual resolution of the device would make more sense?
If someone is switching from ATV to a non-Apple device it is very confusing.