Scan For Channels Error

Watching live streams stopped working on my Apple TVs recently. It's working on my fire TV devices and computer. Reinstalling the channels app on the Apple TV I go to scan for channels. After completing 54% of the scan I get "Error: Scan failed". Any idea what the problem is?

Try running a scan from instead

That scans the channels successfully. However when I open Channels DVR app from Apple TV it says No Channels - Scan for channels by picking your HDHomeRun in Settings tab. Maybe there's a problem with my DVR server.

On your DVR server, click Sources > Scan Network and make sure the correct number of channels is listed under your HDHomeRun

Interesting, it doesn't see any sources and I can't add manually. The server is a Linux system.

Does the Log tab show any errors? Are you able to ping the HDHR IP from the linux box?

OK, long story short. My HDHR device was assigned the same IP address as my DVR server! I can only imagine the confusion that was causing. Problem is solved. Thank you!