Scan for channels remotely from iOS?

I’m away from home and it looks like my HDHR Prime tuners lost a ton of channels in a failed scan. Normally I have 300+ channels and one tuner shows 69 channels and the other shows 204. Unfortunately one of the channels that is missing from both is NFL Network and I was hoping to catch some pre-draft hype.

When I go to settings and choose “scan channels” nothing happens. I’m not sure if this is meant to bring up some app UI, is nonfunctional, or expects me to be on the same LAN as the tuners. What’s the expected behavior and is there any way to remotely scan channels from the iOS app?

(I’m running the server on a Synology NAS.)

If you can SSH or remote connect back home you could run it that way. Our app and DVR are not setup to channel scan remotely.