Screen flashing TS4K

Notice when watching Channels on the TS4K, that the screen flashes black every 15-20 seconds. This was happening on WiFi with 802.11ac and I just switched to using Ethernet with the Techkey USB-C Ethernet adapter with same results. I’m using the current Android beta but was also happening with the store version 3.0. Any ideas for me to check?

It's a problem with the hardware decoder. TiVo introduced the error with their last update. You can switch the decoder to software on the TS4K to get rid of the flashing.

At the root, it's TiVo's issue to fix; we're just lucky to have the option to switch the decoder to get around their error.

(Your network has no bearing on this issue.)

I switched over to software and I thought that maybe fixed it, but it didn’t.

Switch from 4K60Hz to 4K30Hz see if that helps

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