Screen saver doesn't activate when video paused

The screen saver seems to work fine when you’re on the guide or some other screen. But when pausing video, I’ve found the screen saver never activates. :frowning:

I see the same behavior, but I’m guessing it’s probably by design so you don’t accidentally lose your place.

Literally every other ATV app I use works as expected, where the screen saver comes on after video is paused for a while. Can’t imagine the current Channels behavior is by design. Or at least I hope it’s not.

We tried to do this a few releases ago, but ran into problems and had to change the behavior back.

The difference in our case is that we need to continue streaming from the HDHR in the background, even if you’re paused. And if the buffer fills up, the app needs to force resume playback.

Ah, I see. Hmm. On the bright side, I suppose, if it eventually has to auto-resume, you couldn’t be left for hours on the same image.

Seems like DVR recordings could be stuck forever, though. Could you make the screen saver activate as expected if you’re just watching a DVR recording? That would make at least me happy. :slight_smile:

Added in v2.1.31, now available on App Store


@tmm1 should this behavior still be an issue? I paused a DVR recording that was still in progress, I resumed watching the show from a different client. I returned a few hours later to find that the tv was still in the same paused state, the screen was still up right where I had left it. This is definitely not good for the tv!