Screensaver kills audio when resuming 5.1.0

tvos 15.1
channels app 5.1.0
This was not a issue prior to 5.x
if i pause the show, and the screen saver kicks in. When hit enter to resume the video i have no audio.
I have to exit the recording and start again to get audio back.

very similar issue to this, but now it happens when sceensaver starts.

I emailed a video of the issue to support

It's a bit of a letdown that over a year ago I (and others too) reported this issue when leaving the app and now this newest update it's only getting worse whenever the screen saver kicks in.

Please try this testflight build with a fix for the new screensaver issue:

This is a different issue involving a new feature. We’re currently tracking it and actively working on fixing it.

Can you confirm it is fixed in the TestFlight build? If so we'll get a new build out with the fix to the App Store.

For the other issue, do you have an easy way to reproduce it? We're working on some improvements that might help there too, so it would be helpful to know if you can confirm whether it is fixed or not.

I generally don’t like beta testing.
But if you’re saying we can do this to figure out the center channel audio issue when exiting/re-entering the app I’ll be happy to test and reproduce the issue.
Do I need a invitation number

You can click the link on from an iOS device to setup TestFlight

Our betas are generally stable. Basically the only thing new in this build, is this fix.

Additionally, it’s a separate app on your device from the release version, so it disrupts as little as possible.

Also it’s potentially better because the release version has this bug :joy:

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My initial testing of the beta app shows at the center channel doesn’t cut out



looking good
please apply this fix to final version

Has this still been happening to you when you leave the app?

With the latest TestFlight build we have a possible fix for this problem, so it would be helpful if you try that and confirm if its fixed or not.

See BETA: Audio improvements for Apple TV and iPhone/iPad