Screensaver starts when watching time-shifted live TV

Since the latest update, the screensaver starts while watching time-shifted live TV. This has never been a problem before.

Can you elaborate on what “time-shifted live TV” is? Does that mean you’re watching live TV but just behind live and using the client buffer? And this is happening on an Apple TV?

What kind of hdhomerun?

Can you submit diagnostics from the app settings next time this happens

It is indeed live TV but behind live and using the client buffer. Happening on Apple TV model A1625. HD Homerun Connect 4K. This has not happened again for about a week. I'll submit diagnostics if it happens again.

HD Homerun Connect 4K. I'll submit diagnostics if it happens again.

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I’ve just noticed a similar issue with the screensaver. My situation:

  • had channels open on appletv but nothing playing
  • left it for a few minutes
  • screensaver came on
  • started playing a DVR recording from iPhone to be watched on appletv

The result was the screensaver stayed on screen but strangely, I did get the sound.

This is normal behavior. Unfortunately playing something doesn’t turn the screensaver off and third parties have no way to turn it off either. Only a remote button will dismiss it.

Ok, thanks. I guess that sounds like feedback for apple.

Would also be great to be able to send something to play via the channels app remotely without first having to have the app loaded. Another bit of feedback for apple.

I would like both of those too!


I've submitted a feedback assistant suggestion.