Scroll "left" to view past ATV Guide show information

Would like to suggest a feature to be able to scroll back an hour or two in the ATV Guide to view past show data.

For example: This would be especially useful for live/sporting events that tend to run long. The Guide listing for the event might "end" but the event is still airing.

Because the Guide listing has ended, the event is no longer shown in the Guide (or under any corresponding [e.g. "Sports"] category). So, if you don't know the channel on which the event is airing, it's not possible to locate the event in the Guide.

But, if it was possible to scroll back a hour or so in the Guide data, the event would then be listed and it could be found in the Guide (and using the subcategories).


Would like to see past guide data. At least for a few hours in the past from the current time.

I just now wanted to see what re-run episodes of Star Trek aired tonight, that i missed, but seems the Channels guide does not allow you to scroll backwards at all. On the web browser side or on any client. I use Android TV.