SDR mode/frame rate switching question

Is is possible to have SDR mode switching also support changing the frame rate? I vaguely remember years ago (maybe pre-ATV 4K?) there was an explicit option to change the frame rate, and I was wondering if that was rolled into the SDR mode switch.

I have my Apple TV set to default to 4K SDR 50 Hz, and this normally works fine with Channels in the UK. Now that telly support has allowed different types of tuners (satellite in my case), it's now conceivable to have a mix of channels that are running at 50 or 60 Hz. When I tune to a 60 Hz channel, it looks a bit jittery and the Apple TV is not switching the frame rate automatically.

I tried enabling SDR mode switching in Channels, and it looks like something is happening (my TV goes black for a couple seconds), but it still appears to be in 50 Hz SDR. If I manually set the Apple TV to 4K SDR 60 Hz, those channels play smoothly (but of course the 50 Hz channels are then jittery). Can a mix of 50 and 60 Hz exist in Channels?

We’ll be working on this soon. When we first started, this wasn’t a concern as each person’s locale called for the same refresh rate for all of their content. This has sense changed and we understand.