Search function not working on Apple TV 2020-10-06

it has been at least a day since I have noticed this.

when I enter search it displays "No items were found." no suggestions.
when I start entering a search nothing appears as I start entering letters.

search is working fine on Channels DVR on the NAS, Synology DS218.

I am on Xfinity in the San Francisco market.

I did a system restart on the Apple TV and that seemed to correct the problem.

so I couldn't say if it was an Apple issue or Channels.

back again.

the Apple TV restart had nothing to do with search function returning.

I have been doing a little house cleaning and decided to do the same with the DVR. I deleted all of the watched programs.

it turns out that if there are no recordings in the library the search function will not work. I have confirmed that this is the case a couple of times after watching and deleting a recording.

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Oh cool. Thanks for mentioning that. We’ll check it out.