Search in web UI returns no library results when ':' is in the search string

Example with the movie "Sister Swap: Christmas in the City"

No results from the library (but it does exist in the library, see further below):

But it correctly returns the upcoming airing from the guide:

Now without the ':' character, the library entry shows up:

And the guide is still good too:

Does appear to be a bug.
Curious what happens if you include the double quote marks in the search box
"Sister Swap: Christmas in the City"

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Very good point. It works with the double quotes:


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Hmmmm... seems to be the exact same bug as this:

This doesn't work:

With quotes, does work:

But it looks like you don't have to quote around the entire thing when dealing with specific characters. For instance, here's a title with : like yours:

Now with a single quote around just the colon:

So it is related to how certain (special?) characters are parsed in the web, for sure.


This appears to be working now (v2023.12.01.2106)

Not for me on 2023.12.06.0611...


Had to put the single quotes around the colon:


Interestingly, there seems to be a difference depending upon the type of content (Imports and Streamlinks vs. Recordings) and titles vs. episodes (the latter seems to work in a few tests), and also possibly if the metadata has been edited. Then again, sometimes it doesn't work a lot of different ways:




There just isn't enough consistency for me to figure out for sure what all the conditions are for when it will work and when it won't.