Search - New Shows/Seasons

The 'New Shows/Seasons' section in the search area of the web app used to display new shows but this stopped a while ago. Is this a known issue or is it possibly something missing in the guide data that means the query isn't picking up any new shows?

Mean't to add that it only shows the following text:

'No results found.'

Do you have any channels favorited?

Yes I've got 13 favourite channels

And there are new shows on those channels coming up?

Yes there are, I have passes set up to record new shows and those work

Is there anything I can try to get this featue back? It was quite useful :slightly_smiling_face:

The new shows/seasons tab still shows 'No results found.'.

You can quickly test if the guide data is missing the tags needed for this to function.
Create some paused advanced passes and see if they get any results.
I created each one, adding Channel == 0 so it wouldn't schedule recordings, saved it, paused it, then used Advanced edit to remove Channel == 0.

2-Season Finales
3-Season Premieres
4-Series Finales
5-Series Premieres

Forgot to add.
You need to mark your favorites using the Channels DVR web UI by clicking the source pencil icon or using your HDHR tuner Channel lineup.
Not all Channels clients sync favorites with the Channels DVR server.

If it's helpful to know, this feature is working for me. I'm on 2020.06.16.1927

The DVR syncs with the tuners. Android clients are synced with the tuners and the DVR. Apple clients pull the favorites from the tuners/DVR on first run; after the first run, favorites on Apple clients remain local to that device.

Thanks for the replies. The feature used to work and I've got favourite channels set. I'm running version 2020.06.16.1927.

When I create a schedule I don't have the tags you're referencing, so I guess that is the problem.

I'm using GBR-0001194-DEFAULT for guide data, is the problem that it doesn't have the relevant information in any more to make this feature work?

Appears the tags are not in your guide information.

I get this listing of tags
DD 5.1
HD 1080i
HD 1080p
HD 720p
HD Unknown
Joined in progress
Left in progress
Season Finale
Season Premiere
Series Finale
Series Premiere

I think this is the same issue that I noticed as well back at the start of the year (New Shows / Seasons Results on Web UI).

The issue was due to Gracenote no longer adding the necessary tags to UK guide data. Unless they change their mind I’m guessing we’re stuck. I ended up adding an advanced pass to pick up anything where the EpisodeNumber == 1 and Tags == New.

I've emailed our guide provider to see if they can fix this. They appear to be out on vacation until July 6, but I will let you know when I hear back.

Thanks - I tried out creating the advanced pass for EpisodeNumber == 1 and Tags == New and that seems to work well, maybe if the guide provider wont add the tags back in this could be considered as an alternative?

But now having used it a bit I've found it's not that reliable, just using EpisodeNumber == 1 and Tags == New matches 3 airings, but adding channel == 101 then changes it to match 7 airings, none of which were matched before - not sure I get the logic here of increasing the results by narrowing the search!

Filtering by channel allows it to search further into the future. But either way it will record the same things since it checks every day.

Ah ok makes sense, thanks for clarifying - I guess that just means it's not really a replacement for the correct tags being present.

Our guide provider is asking for some examples of upcoming channel numbers and episodes where this metadata is missing.