Searcher or Browser?


A highly unscientific poll, but I was just curious.

  • I regularly browse the grid guide
  • I use Search and rarely use the grid guide

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Needs a "Both - As suits the goal". Both my wife and I do this.

Also: All good polls need a nonsense selection, such as "I like ice cream" :smiley:


Both and more, It's not an either/or question.
That's why I hate polls and never usually respond to them :smiley:

There is search, new shows/seasons, recommended shows, on-now, on later, upcoming movies and advanced search options to see what's coming up on a particular channel.

Problem is you have to figure out which of those are limited to your favorited channels and can't be filtered otherwise.

All of the discovery options above could be improved by offering a simple visible filtering. i.e. Favorites/All HD/All SD/All Channels/Channel#/etc. (Personally I would only use Favorites/All Channels/Channel#)

I vote for CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM :smiley:


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!
I use both the grid guide about 60% and the search about 40%. Depends on what I'm looking for and how much I already know about it.


Interesting results so far. Way more grid browsers than I would have guessed.