Season Pass Option/Question

Say I always want to have 5 episodes of a show like Friends available to watch in Channels DVR. Is there a way to configure a season pass so it only records the next episode after you have watched one of the 5 episodes it previously recorded? If you select Season Pass, all episodes, save 5, it will continuously record and replace episodes before you watch them. It also results in the DVR recording most of the day.

Yes, on the web UI if you edit the pass under advanced mode you can set a Limit of how many to record.


I have three passes and they don’t seem to be honoring the limit setting. They’ve recorded dozens of episodes and more are queues even though I have the limit set to ten. Server version 2021.09.17.2117. I’ve submitted diagnostics recently. The passes are for different flavors of 20/20.. I just paused them to prevent more recordings from happening.