Second HD Help

I filled up my first hard drive fairly quickly. I have a 2nd hd, wd 10tb purple, that put some movies on while plugged into my windows 10. Formatted ntfs

I safely removed usb drive from windows. Plugged into 2nd blue usb port on my raspberry pi. I can see movies and shows through both server and clients. I can created folders in the Movies or TV.

But I can't move any files from original hd to secondary (to give it more overhead) and I can't move from windows 10 to the 2nd hard drive through network like I can with the first HD.

Says "Destination Folder Access Denied" "you need permission to perform this action"

I'm sure I left off a step in sharing or permissions somewhere but can't figure it out. Maybe inheritance or something.

Any help is appreciated, TIA!

Are you trying to move files over SMB or with the drives attached directly via USB?

When I unmount from Pi and plug into windows 10, I can move files freely.

When I mount into Pi, it is listed under Samba. At that point I cannot move files at all from windows 10 or from the first drive to the 2nd in pi.

It was a permissions issue. Had to use advanced permission for ALL and also both Linux profile entries and change to folders, sub folders and files with inheritance. Took a few minutes. But when finished I had full access.

Can I add a second. HDD to my raspberry pi DVR by using a USB Hub?

Yea, but I would use a powered hub. I use a had drive docking station. Recognized it and filled faster than I thought.