Seek duration bug

In iOS and ATV baseball recordings seek duration uses normal instead of sports. Watching Live uses proper sports setting. On a shield tv all works correctly so this is an Apple bug. Also can we get a 2 min skip option in playback seek duration settings. I will be uploading a 1 minute sample recording to channels Dropbox.

Please submit diagnostics and report which exact recording you were watching that didn't respect the Sport Seek, thanks!

All mlb recordings do it.
Submitted diagnostics (dodgers game)
Sample recording is uploaded to fancy bots Dropbox

Submitted another diagnostics that includes an actual tap of the seek button

It looks like the airings need to have the category Sports event, with that capitalization, added to them.

/cc @crackers8199

Thanks, looks like it’s in crackers hands now.

How about that 2 min option? Or even better a smart detector customization. Let me know if you need a sample going in and out of commercial

they already do, and always have.

<programme start="20220426164500 -0700" stop="20220426204500 -0700" channel="mlb-nym">
    <title lang="en">LIVE: New York Mets @ St. Louis Cardinals</title>
    <desc lang="en">LIVE: New York Mets (14-5) @ St. Louis Cardinals (9-7), First Pitch: 4/26/2022 | 4:45 pm, Venue: Busch Stadium, AWAY Feed: SNY</desc>
    <category lang="en">Sports</category>
    <category lang="en">Baseball</category>
    <new />
    <live />
    <icon src="" />

<category lang="en">Sports event</category>

So add this additionally.


alrighty...I'll put that in the next release.


Thanks and super super thank you for putting the game time right after upcoming.

I know you were interested in this as well

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