Seeking forward sometimes loops back

I'm not the first person to report seeking issues, but the other threads are either old or closed.

I've also noticed that an AppStore update was pushed to supposedly fix this? However, it doesn't seem to have fixed it.

Essentially the issue I am having is that I have my seeking set to 3 seconds, and if I try to skip forward 3 seconds sometimes it will work fine.. but more often than not, it will just restart the frame it is currently playing, instead of skipping forward. It will get stuck in a loop like this if I keep trying to seek.

This seems to happen randomly, and will fix itself if I just let the video play for 10 seconds or so and then skip. But then later on it will be broken again.

We would need diagnostics after it happens to investigate.

It would helpful also if you can try the TestFlight beta to see if it still happens there.

Could you send me a link to the Channels for HDHomerun TestFlight? Thanks in advanced

Do you have one for the HDHomeRun version?

No, the beta is only for subscribers