Sending more bandwidth than settings call for

Nevermind. I had to restart the server and it's still not working even with the updated drivers. 1 Stream is using 12-20mbps when it should be around 6

Is there anything that we can do on our end? Or is it something with the graphics card?

Just looked at the purchase date on the p2000, looks like it was working around mid april if that helps with identifying any changes that may have caused it to break.

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Can you try the latest DVR pre-release to see if there is any improvement?

You can also open up the Streaming directory on your DVR drive and click into the channel and see how big each file in there is. One .ts file contains one second of video, and if your rate is 6mbps they should be about 750kb (6000/8) each.

sent a dm with teamviewer info

Were you able to find anything?

Thanks for the access. I was able to verify the problem. It's very strange.

For now I put a workaround in the latest build which should improve bandwidth usage.

Any improvements here?

Yes, seems to be a lot better. Thank you!

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I do notice that when watching a recording, the bandwidth does jump up to 20mbps. Live tv is fine though. Is this because it's transcoding at a faster rate and sending it out?

Yes, you're transcoding and sending data to the client's buffer faster than real time.

Are live streams prioritized over streaming dvr streams so that a recordings, which use more bandwidth, don't make the live streams lag?

I don't believe so they both have the same priority.

I wonder if this could be implemented at all?

@tmm1 Would this be possible to implement? Prioritize live tv streams over dvr streams so there is no lag to the live streamer?

No that would require QoS on your router.

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