Sending more bandwidth than settings call for


I am watching 2 remote streams. 1 Live and 1 recorded and I'm looking at the activity monitor on my computer and channels DVR is constantly above 30mpbs. Both tvs are set to playback at 720p 6 mbps. I have charter 20mbps upload on the server side with channels speed test showing that also. The streams seem to lag a lot and it should be well under the 20 mbps but for some reason channels is trying to push more bandwidth for some reason. Is there a way to fix this?


Which hardware transcoder are you using?


Hardware with linear. Nvidia gpu. right now I'm using a web browser with 720 6mbps. It looks like the dvr is sending 12-13mbps instead of 6


Any ideas?


Here are my speed test results with the dvr idle.



22.62 Mbit/s

40.71 ms

3.47 ms


It seems the nvidia transcoder is buggy and is not respecting the rate limits we are passing in.


Anything I can do on my end to fix this or is it a software update on channels' end?


Do you know if it was working in the past?

I can try one thing in the next build to see if it helps..

Also if you can try with Plex and measure the bandwidth to see if it works with their transcoder, that will be helpful to know.


I'll try downloading Plex. I do believe it was working in the past. When I first had the P2000 gpu, I could stream 3 streams remotely and I think it was still under the 20 mbps. I got the gpu within the last 3 months


Looks like it might be a little better, but not like before. Has the change been made in the newest server beta?


I'm having the same exact issue. Any word on an update to fix this?


I just made a change that may (or may not) help. The new build is uploading now and will be ready in about 30 minutes. Please try it and let me know if there is any difference.


Will do! Thanks!


Ok, so I just noticed that when I log in, I use TeamViewer. Because Iā€™m logging in remotely. I have task manager open and it looks like it spikes hard sending data as soon as the connection starts. But when I look at the breakdown it says that channels is using the data. Could a TeamViewer session be causing channels to send more data or is the windows task manager confused?


Just pulled down version 2019.07.02.0118, testing now.


Not getting the exceeding bandwidth error, but still have an issue with iOS streaming and going to black screen. I'll go back to my other thread.

2019/07/01 18:47:36 [TNR] Opened connection to 1322xxxx for ch703 KCRADT
2019/07/01 18:47:36 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 703 from (encoder=h264_nvenc, resolution=360, deinterlacer=blend, bitrate=700)
2019/07/01 18:53:06 [HLS] Stopping inactive session ch703-dANY-43e8729axxxx @ 5m27.2269s
2019/07/01 18:53:06 [TNR] Closed connection to 1322xxxx for ch703 KCRADT


@ScottCA are you remoting into the dvr at all? I'm still seeing the issue happening in task manager when teamviewer starts the session but it says that channels is using the bandwidth when it jumps up.


It does appear that the Nvidia card isn't following the 6mbps rule. Is there anything else we can do on our end? It seemed like it did work before


I turned off the GPU and had the cpu do the transcoding and it looks like it stuck around 12-14 for 720 6mbps which is more normal


There's an updated driver available for the P2000. Right now it seems to be hovering around 12-16mbps which is better.