Separate path for metadata?

Is it possible to have a separate path for metadata vs recordings? I'd like to move the metadata to an NVMe volume on my Synology running DSM 7.2, but keep the (massive amount of) recordings on the spinners. Hoping to get a performance bump on Apple TV clients loading images, etc. on a cold start.

There isn’t outside of you managing it yourself with symlinks.

Okay thanks, I'll try going that route once I get it up and running. (Also consider adding media/metadata separation as a feature request)

Metadata is in the database, it’s not on disk. And images are not necessarily served from disk either as they aren’t actually downloaded. We only store URLs.

We do have a cache for images in place to speed things up and help with offline moments, but it cycles as it has a set size on disk.

Uploaded images are hosted on disk though of course.

My point is mostly that I’m not sure you’re going to see a huge perf improvement just getting off a spinning disk.

Understood, and appreciate the info!