Series Pass that does not auto delete

Hey guys. I'm new to Channels DVR having spent the last fifteen years using SageTV. Channels has really impressed me and I can see using it far into the future. Having spent so much time with another DVR, certain functions that exist there but not in Channels has brought me here to ask this question:

Is it possible to have a series pass that will keep X number of recordings, not auto delete with newest recording, and simply just not record any more episodes until one of these recordings is deleted? If not, could this logic be added as an advanced feature or even as a condition?

Here's where this comes in handy:

Right now I record the local news. I have it set to record everyday and keep the last one recording. This is a great example of how the current methods do indeed provide much benefit. There's no need for me to keep multiple old copies of today's news.

Conversely, programs exist that my family and I are interested in, but we do not need the last aired version. An example could be 'House Hunters' . This show is a 'stand alone' program. Nothing that happened in a previous episode impacts the currently airing program so having a few of these is fine. We can watch these at our leisure. The problem, if you can truly call it a problem, is that I'd like to keep 'at most' three of these but I do not need to have Channels DVR recording these on a daily basis just to always have three available if we decide to watch them. We do have several of tv shows we would like to use this type of logic with.

Can someone tell me if this is already possible?

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Thanks for the information. Yeah, it certainly would be beneficial so as not to tie up a tuner unnecessarily. The logic would not be that hard to implement. I did have a brief stink with Jellyfin DVR and I did work on that logic for my own benefit before realizing there was not much interest in DVR by the core dev team so I went back to SageTv.

Yes, see:


Thank you for the information, the link and for your patience as I transition over to Channels DVR!


So if you set Keep Unwatched + Limit 5, it would record five episodes. Then every time you marked one watched, it would get deleted because of the keep setting, and then a new episode would be recorded to increase back up to 5 recordings.

I know this may be picky, but the above is the same as what I see in the interface that says 'Keep Unwatched + 5 Watched' or am I looking in the wrong place? To me that says keep all unwatched episodes and keep five episodes that have been watched. I'm trying to do what I quoted above.

The limit option is only available on the web UI under advanced pass editor. It is separate than the Keep setting.

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Okay, that does make sense. If I may burden you further, why are those static values used? I guess it makes things easier from a UI standpoint and error checking, but what if I want to keep three recordings rather than five? Seems restrictive whereas a text entry box would allow for whatever the user may desire.

I'd really like to keep one of some and three of others and five of others. I'm guessing that is not possible?

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I will add 3 to the list for the next prerelease

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