Series special episodes

They are usually listed as Season #, Episode 0.
I tried an advanced pass and am not getting as many listings as I should.
Appears the results only reflect showings for today?

Removing Categories CONTAINS Episode only shows 10 results.

Removing Categories == Series only shows 9 results.

To filter those shows out, I use "Episode > 0" as an added condition.

(Or am I missing something and you want to specify those airings? If that's the case, then "Episode < 1" should do what you want.)

Not trying to filter those episodes out, but include them, hence the Topic, Series special episodes.
How do you filter Episode < 1, unless you're on an insider build I don't know about?

You're right, you can't do "<1". I just pulled up an advanced edit session, and your only choices are equal, not equal, greater than, or contains.

In general, anything that is listed as "Episode 0" is included when you choose a series. (I learned this because I have to specifically create a rule to only include "EpisodeNumber"—I was previously mistaken about the metadata tag—that had a ">0" value.)

Are you saying that your rules aren't catching Episode=0 airings? Or that you are trying to craft a rule to catch episodes that are "specials" (and hence 'Episode=0') but no other airings?

I'm still confused by why you are trying create a rule to capture.

Yes, but not all of them, only returns results for a day


What I'm saying is the search conditions aren't working like I think they should.
I have a Series Pass for Forged in Fire: Knife or Death.
Thursday the special episode Death Fish; Seax and Violence is airing as Season 2, Episode 0.
You would think this advanced pass would pick it up since it matches all the conditions, but it doesn't.

"Airing": {
    "Title": "Forged in Fire: Knife or Death",
    "EpisodeTitle": "Death Fish; Seax \u0026 Violence",
    "Categories": ["Episode", "Series"],
    "Genres": ["Reality"],
    "Tags": ["CC", "DVS", "HD 1080i", "HDTV", "Stereo"],
    "SeriesID": "15281040",
    "ProgramID": "EP029224370025",
    "TeamIDs": null,
    "SeasonNumber": 2,
    "EpisodeNumber": 0,