Server Side Collection removes other Guide Collections

When I attempt to add a Server Side Collection, I lose the SD Channels, Movies, Sports, Drama, News and Kids local collections from all client Guide screens. Is there a way to manage the displaying of these latter collections at the Server Side as well? For example, I wouldn’t mind keeping Movies and Sports along with my own curated Collections available in the Guide.

No. It's an either/or situation. There are plans to add dynamic features to Channel Collections, but they are not there yet. If you want to keep the dynamic genre groups, then you cannot have Collections.


Fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.

That's the only thing that's keeping me from using channel collections now. For example. There are regular channels that show sports on the weekends like ABC, and NBC with the NBA and NHL playoffs going on. But with the way channels collections is setup now you would inundate your sports collection with channels that only had sport maybe once or twice a week. Which in my opinion defeats the whole purpose.

Yes - hopefully this is eventually updated. In the meantime, it’s not too difficult (just annoying) to toggle off the collections to regain the dynamic genre groups when needed.