Server Side Settings for Sources - Local?

With this new (beta) option, it would be great if a client connected to a remote server could be forced to get a local stream (IP camera, local video server, SatIP, etc) without going through the remote server, so the stream wouldn't be forced to go back and forth. The source could still be added to the remote server with the client's local address, and only made available to that specific client. Streams would need to be video/audio compliant, but It would be kind of like connecting to a remote server and adding local HDHR. Thanks.

Non-HDHR streams must be served through the DVR server. The client app can only receive streams from HDHR tuners, or Channels DVR servers.

If a local "stream" is to be combined with a remote server, then that stream/source must emulate an HDHomeRun device. There are a couple of projects that exist to this end, but that is outside the scope of "official" support.