Setup Nvidia shield

I just got an subscription. I ended up setting up the DVR on my laptop big mistake. I really wanted to use my Nvidia shield as the DVR. At this point I can't get anything working can't even watch tv on the sheild. I have the dvr server installed on the sheild and it wants me to login with the ip address to setup. I tried to do this on my pc and it won't open a page. I also tried to open the page on the Nvidia shield and get the same thing. If I go to the site and login I see it's still on my laptop. Please help.

First, run the windows installer again and select uninstall.

Then, on the shield what is the url shown? When you access that url from your phone or PC, what exactly is shown on the screen?

I got it going. Thanks

I"m having same issue, how did you getting it working?