Share DVR outside Home Network?

I'm assuming this won't work, but could I share my entire DVR Server, including my TVE service/channels outside my home network to my Mom's Fire TV at her house? TIA !

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So she would reap the benefits of my Fubo TVE subscription? I don't mean to doubt your response, but by this measure couldn't this enable lots of folks to share their Streaming TV plan with others? Thank You.

Yes. But all data would first pass through your DVR server before reaching her location. So, technically it's you using your account, and she's accessing your DVR after you've already authenticated with Fubo (or whatever). She's not actually using your TVE credentials.

(Sure, it's a fine distinction, but I bet you're in the clear.)

And yes, that's what many people actually do.

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What I just realized is that since she's sharing my server there would be no way to separate/hide each other's shows/recordings. Furthermore if she were to utilize the DVR feature that would obviously fill up my hard drive, lol. This may be a silly question, would her utilizing my server have any impact on my computers CPU and/or the quality of my local network stream? I hope my question makes sense.

Yes, her recordings would use your hard drive. And you would have access to each other's recordings, including deleting them. Also, it would use your bandwidth, and may impact your network quality at home. Also, depending on your settings, transcoding and commercial detection for her would add CPU cycles to your server.

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Perfect, thank you so much for completely answering my questions. As appealing as the idea initially sounded, you've confirmed it's not worth it overall. I've also been considering sharing the cost of a YouTube TV subscription with her, and leaving channels, as much as I love channels. Overall I like the idea of YouTubes unlimited DVR and zero configuration/server maintenance. Sometimes it's nice to lessen the load on my family tech support overall lol