Sheild TV Recorded TV not playing

Having this issue on my Sheild TV app. DVR programming not working

Please submit diagnostics from the app

They have been submitted

Logs show you were watching something and no errors.. ?

Is this happening on every recording or just one? You may need to run "Regenerate timestamps" on that recording if its causing problems.

Submitted more logs

Looks like your app version is behind by a few releases too

Ok I tried in a different room & submitted logs

What version should I be on?


Can find where is says the app version but google store says it is up to date

Still having issues on all my tvs. iOS apps works fine

What is the issue? Please describe in detail what is happening

When I try to play a recording it loads slow then will not let me ff. I get what the picture displays in the above post. Works fine on iOS app. Also when I go to tuners and move around it make the app crash.