Shield and Nas device


My current Nas device is not compatible with channels. However I just purchased a shieldTV, can I plug that into my shield and install the channels DVR server on shield and it will run good? Currently I have server running on Surface Pro 3.


If you plug the NAS in via usb to the shield, it should work. What kind of device is it?


WD my cloud. Would it work just as good running on shield or better to just keep it on surface.


It will run well on the shield and easier to manage than on a laptop. Make sure the shield is hard wired to the router too.


It is, will the app keep the shield awake?


Yes, the shield will stay awake.

However if you are using MyCloud Home then I don't think that will work with the shield over usb. It requires some special drivers and only works on PC/Mac


Do I have to format my Nas when hooked up to shield? I don't want to lose everything that is on it.


This is what I am using.


That one should work I think.

You will need to create a directory NVIDIA_SHIELD and move the existing DVR directory into it, then when you attach to the Shield it will be able to read and write from that folder.


So I know how to create a new director but I don't know how to move the existing one into it.