Shield as DVR Server? "Pro"s & Cons?

We're new to Channels & looking to try it out (esp. TV_Everywhere) w/o spending too much on addl. hardware.

We've got a Nvidia Shield {Pro/500gb} & were wondering (besides capacity), what are the pros & cons of setting up the "Channels" DVR_Server on the internal HDD vs. an ext. HDD?

This is what we've got (to work w/):

  • Cox (Cable) TV (+ ISP)
  • Netgear: AC1900 (C6300BD)
  • HDHomeRun: Prime
  • Shield: Pro (500gb)
  • Mi (Box) "S"
  • AppleTV: 4K(32gb) {plan on purchasing in near future}

Would appreciate any feedback.

External storage will let you upgrade your dvr my moving to a PC or NAS in the future.

Adopted storage is encrypted by Android and can not be moved to any other machine.

Thanks for the reply, please forgive if this is mentioned elsewhere on the forum (I've searched previously) but;
what are the requirements (I should look 4 ) that will work w/ the Shield running Channels DVR_Server (+ TVE) [i.e: USB 3.0, max. size (# of TB's) addl specs.] ?

Also do know which (specific) HDD's people have had success w/ this type of setup?

Please forgive the dumb ?'s, but were not very tech savvy.

I personally have used both an WD Elements external HD and a Seagate Expansion without issues. There was a time I used a regular "Internal" HD with a Sabrent USB Enclosure without issue as well.

I know that there have been some reports of people having issues with any of the above but it was never my experience.

I haven't used an external drive on the Shield in quite a while though since setting up my upstairs computer as my server I now run everything on that.

Thanks for your input. I picked up a Seagate 'Backup Plus Hub' (8TB #STEL8000401) @ Costco the other day, (I couldn't pass it up, it was $40 off).
Do you think this might work w/ the Shield running Channels DVR_Server (+ TVE)?
In particular is it powerful/fast enough for the job?

AS long as it is USB 3.0 and you can use as external storage on the Shield it should be fine.