[Shield TV] Audio does not pass to headphones that are plugged into the remote

Just tested this now with the Channels Android TV app. I have the 2015 shield TV and remote with headphone jack. I went to watch a few different channels and the audio comes out of the TV rather than the headphones that are plugged into the remote.

Any hope for a fix?


Does it work in the official HDHR app?

What about if you go to the Player tab of the app and turn off Surround Sound?

It does work in the native HDHR app. Disabling surround sound fixed it for both live and recorded playback in the Channels app, thanks.

I guess feature request would be that it would be nice if the app automatically made this switch when the remote headphone jack is being used (and switched back when removed).

Possibly worth noting that the app sound feedback when navigating the app (that clicking noise) does come from the headphones. Audio stops working in the headphones only when playback is started (unless surround sound is disabled as you suggested).

Surround sound requires Dolby support which is not present on the remote.

I can check if there's a way for us to tell which speaker is being used, but I don't think it's very easy.

This is not the case as I proved that surround sound on HDHomeRun supports multi-channel PCM (allowing the volume control on the bluetooth remote to work).

Perhaps that same solution for both in getting the Bluetooth remote volume working with surround would also resolve this problem.

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You're right, we can probably add an option to toggle between Dolby Bitstream and PCM. We used to send PCM but that only works on the shield and caused other devices to crash.

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Has there been any update on this? I just barely realized that I had to disable surround to get the sound to go to my Bluetooth headphones.