Shield TV Frame Rate Switching

Can you please add auto refresh rate. My Shield UI is set to 60Hz but I have to manually change it to 50Hz whenever I use Channels to avoid judder in UK. I believe this function is supported in AndroidTV as other apps such as Plex do it


cc @MattHyde @ChrisJB I wonder if this is related to the issues you’ve been experiencing? Have you tried setting your SHIELD to 50hz?

Could be, I’ve only just switched it to 50Hz so will be interesting to see if that’s more stable

That would make total sense as a possible source of the issue, as UK TV is broadcast in 50Hz but my Shield defaults to the recommended 59.94 then seems to auto switch refresh rates in most apps.

Video in Channels is butter smooth now I’ve manually change Shield to 50Hz

As far as I can tell, only Plex & Kodi support auto-switching ATM.

I’ve experimented with Amazon Video, YouTube & Netflix, none of these do

Do Plex and Kodi switch when you start watching something in the player? Does the TV flash or turn black when they switch modes?

Yes to all that

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This is really hard for me to test because I don’t have 50hz broadcasts here, and my TV doesn’t support 50hz display mode. But I tried to implement it in the latest beta build (v142). Please try it out and let me if it works as you expect.

Thanks. Just tried recordings & live but it’s staying at 60Hz. I have just submitted diagnostics

PS. Are you looking to change it to 50Hz from when app opens, including UI so it doesn’t switch every time you start playing something? That would be preferable as you’d only ever need 1 refresh rate & would avoid loads of unnecessary black screens etc

Just tried the next version. Works a treat (but expect people asking why their screen keeps going black :grinning:

If you can find a way to keep UI in 50Hz too that would be the icing on the cake, but thank you so much for amazing support.

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I will see if’s possible to do it for the entire app launch

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This is great! Solves one of my biggest problems with the shield. Thanks very much @tmm1 and OP for suggesting.


This is ace news, I have been changing mine manually

Cheers all


Tried and this works great !!!

Keep up the good work


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I’ve added a setting for the next beta build so you can choose to switch framerate when the app launches or when video player starts.

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Superb, thank you.

I’ve just experienced a bug in 142 that’s causing some recordings to start midway through. I’ve just submitted diagnostics. It’s happened on a few but not all

Finally got a chance again to try out this update, set the app to switch to 50Hz on launch and the picture definitely looks smoother! Have not had a chance to leave it running to see if it has also resolved the micro pauses / stutters that have been discussed on another thread. Thanks again for your continued development of this app and taking into account t the needs for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic!


This feature was released in v2.0.10

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It doesn't work on Amazon fire TV right now.

When fire TV display resolution is set to to "auto" and match frame rate set to "on" my LG tv reports 60Hz, even though Firestick Channels app client settings->Playback framerate option tells me on screen that my country UK) is 50 Hz and I set either option (on startup or video playback) the TV reports 60Hz all the time.

On same Firestick UK BBC TV catch up app "iPlayer", correctly switches TV to 50hz when it is is started (or restarted after firestick home button is used), so not issue on Fire os.

Having to swap frame rates manually is a real pain, so I'd be grateful if this was revisited please.

I can load Firestick Channels app Beta version for testing here, as you wish.

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