Shield TV - no rewind of live tv?


Using a Shield TV for Live TV and DVR. As of this afternoon I have no way to rewind live TV. It was working fine as of yesterday. One thing I noticed is that there was a new update version 2.0.4. I get about 7 secs of rewind …every click of the remote shows the rewind icon on screen but does nothiing. I tried pausing my show and then it started to play and then I got a black Playback failed error message on the tv.


Can you submit diagnostics from the Player tab


sure…ill do that now

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Okay I see the problem. If you turn off Tuner Sharing it should work for now.


OK thanks!!! Appreciate the fast response! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Working fine when I disabled the Tuner Sharing. Something interesting I noticed after that change…the web ui actvity usually shows what channel Im tuning to etc…it just shows “idle” when watching live tv.
DVR recordings show correct activity


Tuner sharing makes the live tv go through the DVR. Otherwise the shield connects directly to the HDHR so the DVR can’t see it.


OK that makes sense…thanks !


2 quick questions… 1st…do i need to be logged into the remote dvr on my shield TV? When I’m logged out I don’t have an option for tuner sharing…so I not sure which is right.
2nd…the tuner sharing issue I had…will that be fixed in an update or was i doing something wrong?

Thanks again!


Remote DVR option is only for when you are not at home. If your shield is at home, then you should not be using remote DVR.

There is a bug in the tuner sharing feature which will be fixed in the next release.


You stated remote DVR is not for use while at home… so please explain/advise how, other than the web interface, we are able to use the service without a stand alone Android app? The ATV app can not be downloaded to phones or tablets.

Unless I’m missing something, the remote DVR/web interface is the only option for Android phone & tablet users. Unfortunately, as stated in a few other post, the web UI is not fully functional right now when accessed via an Android mobile/tablet browser. Please help! Thanks.


This thread is about the Remote DVR feature that’s available in the Android TV app.

As you already know, there is no Android phone/tablet app available at the moment.


Ok, well first I edited my last post so maybe you replied before my edit was reposted.

Second, deflecting is not answering. I am fully aware of what this post is in relation to. But what I stated is not as off topic as you seem to try and make it.

The OP stated issues with rewinding live TV via the web UI. You replied the web UI (remote DVR) should not be used at home. My original reply had direct connections to both of those points. Maybe reread my edited post and you’ll better understand where I’m coming from.

Third, I have also read and replied in a few other post where the topic was directly about Android browser playback errors and/or live TV rewind & FF issues. But no direct answers or solutions have been posted in those as yet.

I truly am not trying to be confrontational or d*ckish here and I apologize if I comes across that way. I am simply looking for a direct response to the issue I’ve brought up, even if it’s an “I don’t know yet but we’re working on it”. That would be much more appreciated reply. Thank you.


I think you’re misunderstanding. This thread is not about the web UI. The OP is talking about the Android TV app on his SHIELD, where rewind was not working because the Tuner Sharing option has been enabled. Once he disabled Tuner Sharing, it started working again. The remote DVR option is also something that’s specific to the Android TV app.

I’ve addressed the web UI specific issues on the other relevant threads.


The tuner sharing bug has been fixed in beta v123


Thanks! I appreciate the fast responses. Good luck with your new Android lol Seriously if you need me to test anything I’m willing to try out stuff to test.