Shield TV playing HD channels at 30fps


After watching a uk hd channel for around 5 mins the video looks like it drops to 30fps. Anyone else notice this? . This happens on all hd channels. The SD channels play fine.


What is the version number listed on the About tab?


V 2.0.5 . This happens with the latest beta aswell.


Hi, any update on this? I still have this problem on certain live shows such as itv news. I have to change channel then go back again for the video to switch back to 50 fps. Which then after a few minutes drops back down to what seems like 25 fps.


That’s strange. Have you tried changing your SHIELD’s video output to 50hz? Is it at 60hz right now?

Does it play fine in the official HDHR app?


I have tried setting the shield to 50hz and get the same results. Its currently set at 59.940hz. Hdhr app plays fine. If I set the shields language from UK to US the framerate doesnt drop. So could this have something to do with the workaround introduced for UK users? Thanks.


Any update if this issue is being looked into?


So with your SHIELD in UK language mode, you see framerate drop. And if you switch to US mode, the framerate is fine but then you see random green flashes instead?

@Fergin Are you seeing a similar framerate drop?


Not noticed any, how would I know if playing at 30fps as opposed to 50fps, my shield is set at 50fps in settings as other settings made video jerky, seems smooth to me



After a retest the frame rate drops whether its set to UK or US language. Setting to UK language fixes the green flashing. The framerate drops only occur on hd channels and usually within a few minutes of watching a hd channel. I am using a nvidia shield pro if that makes any difference. The worst channels for this occurrence are BBC 1 HD and ITV HD. It literally feels like the frames drop from 50 to 25. It doesn’t stutter or anything like that.


Can you submit diagnostics after you notice it next and I’ll see if anything weird shows up.


Diagnostics sent.


Thanks. There’s nothing interesting in the logs, just shows playback as usual.

Just so I’m clear, the issue happens even in US mode? So you’ll see a green flash randomly and you’re also noticing the framerate drop? Are the two related… like do you notice the frame rate issue right after the green flash?

The green flash was occurring whenever there was a switch from 1080p to 1080i. It seems the nvidia hardware h264 decoder is having some issues when this happens. It’s supposed to decode 1080i to 50fps automatically, but when switching it would try to render a blank frame in between which showed up as green.

If you watch using the HDHomeRun app do you notice any similar framerate issue?


I don’t see the issue with the HDHomeRun app or Google’s live channels. I will set the shield back to US and see if the issue happens when the green flash’s occur then report back.


Just checked and the green flash’s are a separate issue to the frame rate drop.


FYI the app only does the US/UK lookup at boot, so any time you are changing the setting you should quit and restart the app. If you click and hold the circle button it should take you to the app task manager where you can click down on the Channels app to quit it.


Yep, I changed the language then force closed the app then rebooted the shield. As others do not seem to have this problem it may just be my shield. So it might be worth factory resetting the shield and seeing if that solves my problem.


Worth a try if you don’t mind reseting. Maybe make a video of it beforehand and email to [email protected] so I can see what it looks like.

When the framerate issue starts happening, does pausing for a couple seconds help? What about if you hit left to jump back, does it keep happening when it resumes or does it reset the framerate back to normal?


How do you know if a framrate drop? I could do more testing but not sure what to look for



I will record a video and send it to support. You can notice the frame rate drop while watching live news on ITV hd. It’s the kind of frame rate you get with films. EDIT : I just noticed when this framrate drop happens if I rewind back, video that was playing live at 50fps also plays back at a lower frame rate.