ShieldPro - Still no fix after 9 months?

I just now upgraded my Shield Pro without knowing about this mess with the Shield App. Going through the archives here I see the sideload or "don't use Shield" options from Jan of 2022. Is this still the only way forward?

I just unretired my Shield pro 500GB updated to Shield 9.1.0 ... Installed the APP and the BETA and Installed the DVR and have no problems. What was the initial problem that needed to be fixed ?

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I don't see the DVR app in the google play store.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the channels app - when I run it, it does not give me an option to install the DVR server. It just says it cannot find a dvr and I should go to Redirecting… to learn how to set it up.

update to the beta and try the beta install the dvr then you can uninstall the beta if you want.

settings- support - install beta

It's not possible to install the beta from Play Store app anymore. It still works on FireOS.

We are working on instructions to sideload DVR and Beta apps via Downloader app


You are saying you can no longer update from the regular app to the Beta I just did it yesterday.

Correct, with v4.5.0 which was just released it is not possible install beta from regular app.

Guess I got lucky.

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So for the time being Shield is not a usable platform?


Here's how to install the DVR server onto the SHIELD:

  1. Install Downloader app
  2. Enter 565284 or or

Alternatively you can download and use adb install on a computer after enabling developer mode and connecting to your device.


The docs on how to sideload DVR on SHIELD have been updated:

The instructions to sideload beta app have also been updated:

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This worked for me, thank you! Back up and running on the Shield

How will the DVR server app and Beta client app receive updates on the Shield moving forward?

The beta app has a button under Settings > Support to update. That's how it's always worked.

The DVR can also be updated via the Beta app. But the dvr server apk does not change often, and the dvr updates itself inside the apk like it always has.

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It's early for me, I haven't had coffee yet, so I'll bite... why can't the server for Channels use the Google Play Store? Then, simply push it to the device.

/heads to kitchen to make coffee

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