Shift-Click Equivalent for iOS?


Is there a shift-click equivalent in iOS to force update the DVR from the status pane of the server webpage? Would love to be able to do this for the DVR running on my NAS from my iPad or iPhone, but have not figured out a way to do so.


SSH in to your NAS, and use:

curl -XPUT

Personally, I find Prompt to be a great SSH client, but feel free to use any other one. (This is exactly what I do when using my iPad.)


Does this work on computer based server installations as well?


Yes it works with any DVR.


If you are logged into the machine running the DVR, then using as the IP address for the curl command is fine; if you are doing it from a different machine on your local network (such as a desktop computer, and your server runs on your NAS), then change the IP address to that of your server (ie, use if that is the IP of your NAS).


Oh this is great. I'm running on a Mac mini. Going to create an Apple Script script to fire this off a few times per day.


TeamViewer is also a good free software program that you can remotely access your home PCs - any platform - and they have an iPhone app as well where you can perform shift-click if needed.


In the latest pre-release, you can now tap-and-hold the Check For Updates button on mobile.


Just wanted to re-iterate that I really appreciate this new feature. Easy to use and keeps me up to date on latest changes.

Thanks again!


Making the beta updater mobile friendly is awesome. But I must admit that I am even more stoked to have learned about the api from @racameron. I've set up an Apple Script that checks three times a day on my mini and now I never have to think about anymore!


Thanks I scheduled this curl -XPUT on my Synology to check periodically.