Should I get another HDHR Connect or get the Quatro


Hi all,
I currently have the HDHR Connect 2 stream receiver, but I want/need another 2 streams. Should I just get the Quatro or can I add another HDHR connect to my network? And would I have to get another antenna for that, if I do it that way? Thanks.


You can have as many HDHR as you want. If you get a QUATRO and keep the CONNECT, you can watch/record up to 6 channels.

You can use the same antenna with both with a splitter


You should go for the Quatro.

You CAN use the Connect 2 and another with only 2 tuners but you would need a cable splitter from your antenna, plus another ethernet cable into your router. If you get the Quatro it's only one ethernet cable like you have now and just one connection from your antenna. Plus, the Quatro has some technology in it that helps keep you from losing some of the antenna signal even though you're adding two more tuners.


Thank you both for your insight. I will take each into consideration. Thanks.


If it were me, I would get the quatro and have that many more tuners available. You can piggy back the tuners and add what you need to your infrastructure.


I run both -- one Quatro and one Duo. They play very well together. The Quatro is listed first on the web interface. A few time each week both are recording up to six programs at the same time. I am running a Mac Mini 2018 and Western Digital 8-GB external drive. Buy the Quatro and enjoy a bit of freedom from worrying about having too many programs scheduled at one time.


@Blue, how can you only have 8GB of storage for your DVR? 6 tuners would fill that up in an hour or less...


I'm sure he meant 8TB.


8TB. Oops.