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When I access the Channels DVR server TV guide & look at "upcoming movies" there is a huge list of movies with artwork. When I access the search menu within the Apple TV app under the "search" option, only a few upcoming movies are listed? Why is this? It seems that the DVR server lists much more for new TV shows & upcoming movies compared with content shown in the Apple TV app?

For me... It would be great to be able to access an "upcoming movies" menu within the Apple TV app where every single movie is pulled from the available EPG data and displayed within the search section of the Apple TV app... unless this feature is already available and ive just missed something?


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The list on the Apple TV under Search is based on the channels favorited on your DVR. If you add more favorites you should see the movies from those channels listed.

Thanks for the reply.

I've just checked this - Channels within the DVR server channel lineup & within the Apple TV app are all set to favourite (approx 130 channels in total). I know not all channels are showing movies, however there is definitely a lot more upcoming movies shown / listed on the DVR server than the Apple TV app. Is there a limitation other than favourited channels within the Apple TV app?

Yes I believe it tries to filter out movies with low ratings as well.

The On Later section on the web UI is expected to come to Apple TV in the future.

Ahh ok. No problem. Thanks for the info.