Show Description is a language mix

I used PlayOn to get the Night Manager series. The title, series, and show descriptions is a mix of English, German, and Hungarian. The show itself plays in English. The file names from play-on are in English.

How do I correct this to be all English? I have tried to match and also redownload meta data but this does not help.

What options appear in fix match?

What is the browser url from the first screenshot

Try putting this in the search box for match: SH023473980000

Thanks but that did not work. It does not accept this. Also this show 9 episodes and the show only has 6 episodes.

Is it 6 episodes or 9 that you recorded?
Everywhere I can find it lists 6 from the original BBC and AMC airings.
Try these for the search (there are 6 episodes in each one below)

Thanks for the ideas but neither worked. The actual show has 6 episodes. Your first search shows 24 episodes. And your second search has 9 episodes. And even when I clicked on them to see what would happen, channelsdvr would not accept them.

@bryandoyle It actually does work when you select the matches, just doesn't change the Title or Episode titles to english.

I'm able to get an english show description, but can't get the Title or Episode Titles to the english version.
I use a small test video file and put them in my test local import directory as;

TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E01 - Episode 1 (2016-02-21).mp4
TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E02 - Episode 2 (2016-02-28).mp4
TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E03 - Episode 3 (2016-03-06).mp4
TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E04 - Episode 4 (2016-03-13).mp4
TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E05 - Episode 5 (2016-03-20).mp4
TV\The Night Manager (2016)\Season 01\The Night Manager (2016) - S01E06 - Episode 6 (2016-03-27).mp4

@tmm1 I tested fix incorrect match with the three tms id's and they give an english show description but all keep the Title: Éjszakai Szolgálat and the Episode titles: Folge 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Appears to either be selecting the wrong language or not updating the Title and Episode titles with what is returned. I ran across this before with a show I recorded and you told me to delete something, but forget what it was.
Found the post Where do I set the ISO 639-1 language code in Channels DVR? - #10 by tmm1

I cannot find this cache from the link you posted in my DVR directory:

"Delete the cache/tmsv2 folder in the DVR data directory"

Don't worry, it probably won't fix it. I tried it and re-imported the show, but still have the same problem.
It's where Channels DVR puts it's executable code and the directory location depends on what you're running it on.
Same place you would put the override comskip.ini file. Feature request: Comskip ini access - #18 by chDVRuser
If you follow my example in that post, on my Synology package install it's located at

From /dvr/groups

"Name": "Éjszakai Szolgálat",
"SeriesID": "12501595",

From /dvr/files

"GroupID": "12501595",
"Path": "The Night Manager (2016)/Season 01/The Night Manager (2016) - S01E01 - Episode 1 (2016-02-21).mp4",
"Airing": {
  "Source": "tms",
  "OriginalDate": "2016-02-21",
  "Time": 1456012800,
  "Duration": 0,
  "Title": "The Night Manager",
  "EpisodeTitle": "Folge 1",
  "Summary": "Der Anruf eines verzweifelten Gastes bringt den Nachtmanager Jonathan Pine in Gefahr.",
  "FullSummary": "Der ehemalige Soldat Jonathan Pine arbeitet nun als Nachtmanager in einem Luxushotels in Kairo. Als er einen verzweifelten Hilferuf von einem Gast erhält, gerät er in die Fänge von Richard Roper - einem der gefährlichsten Männer der Welt.",
  "Image": "",
->"SeriesID": "12501595-de",
->"ProgramID": "EP025286660001",
  "SeasonNumber": 1,
  "EpisodeNumber": 1,

Is there a way to get this in English?

Appears it's pulling in the wrong language version of the SeriesID.
I just recorded the first episode using a manual recording

json paylod
    "Name": "The Night Manager",
    "Time": 1644109200,
    "Duration": 60,
    "Channels": ["706"],
    "Airing": {
        "Source": "tms",
        "Channel": "706",
        "OriginalDate": "2016-02-21",
        "Time": 1644109200,
        "Duration": 60,
        "Title": "The Night Manager",
        "EpisodeTitle": "Episode 1",
        "Summary": "In Cairo at the height of the Arab Spring, hotel night manager Jonathan Pine receives a plea for help from an elegant, well-connected guest. His actions draw him into the terrifying world of Richard Roper, businessman, arms dealer, Worst Man in the World.",
        "Image": "",
        "SeriesID": "12501595",
        "ProgramID": "EP023478770001",
        "SeasonNumber": 1,
        "EpisodeNumber": 1,
        "ReleaseYear": 2016

And although it looked fine from Scheduled and Manage recordings

Library view appears to be using the SeriesID 12501595-de ?

Is there anyway to manually override this and convert to English?

The entry for this show in our guide provider's database seems messed up. I've contacted them asking for a fix.


Thanks as well from me. The Night Manager issue with guide data reminded me that PBS The Mallorca Files records under the name “ The Maiorca Files.”

The thumbnail image is also wrong.

You can use the new Edit metadata feature to fix the art or text.

I've also improved the Fix Match for episodes in the latest build. You can now search for SxEx and all matching results will appear. For the night manager, it shows an entry without a title in the middle you can pick for the english information.