Show disappears for a bit after episode deletion

Android TV client 102.2.141 beta running on NVIDIA Shield 2019 with latest system installed.

Server 2021.02.04.0012 beta running on Ubuntu 20.04

Select sidebar 'TV Shows' Select show from 70 recorded. Watch show. Finish show. Choose to trash show.

Screen then shows full screen purple with only 3 buttons; Watch Next, Manage Series Pass, ...More. The buttons click but do nothing. Press the back arrow button to escape. Re-enter show. Still shows only 3 buttons.

Go to Library instead. Show is first under Watch Next but doesn't have the flag with 69 indicating how many shows are left. If I click on it, I can play the next episode.

If I now go back to TV shows sidebar that show disappears altogether from the list! Still shows in Watch Next under Library.

Force quit app and show is stil absent. After another minute or two (total 5 minutes?), the show will reappear in TV Shows with the proper 69 flag. Don't know if it will appear in its own or you have to exit and re-enter to make it refresh.

This has been happening for quite a while, but never sat down to document properly until now.

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after this happens

Just happened again. Submitted diagnostics. Do you need more information?

Happened a 2nd time with different show. Submitted diagnostics.

1st show has now recovered and looks right again.

Happened twice more tonight. Sent diagnostics each time.

Updated to Beta 103.7.6

No change.

Different show from before. Same issue. Submitted diagnostics.

Show came back by itself after a couple of minutes. Better?

I haven't been able to receive any diagnostics from your SHIELD. Are you clicking the submit button inside the app? I wonder if the shield is getting disconnected from your network.

Whenever I submit inside the app from Settings - Support - Submit Diagnostics, Channels closes and goes back to the home screen immediately. Is that what is supposed to happen?

I haven't had any issues that I have noticed with the Shield getting disconnected in any other way.

No that's not supposed to happen.

What is the version number shown inside the app?

Beta (102.7.6)

Ok, knowing that the exit to home screen isn't the right behavior and you weren't getting diagnostics anyway, I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it.

First, the interface looks slightly different than I was seeing with everything looking more polished than before. This, in spite of the fact that it reports the same version (102.7.6)

Second, the app now lets me report diagnostics without crashing and says to follow up via email or via the forum.

Third, I still have the disappearing show after deleting one episode issue. Right now 'Cops' is not showing under TV Shows, but does show in Library and I can play the next episode from 'Up Next'

And as I am typing this, I go back into TV Shows and "Cops" has reappeared with all 66 shows

Submitting diagnostics now.

I'm having a very similar issue (which I can reliably reproduce) on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This is the behaviour I've spotted:

  1. Library / Up Next / Select Show / ..More -> More Episodes

  2. Delete an old episode, episode deletes but left with a relatively blank screen (still in the show page, but the other episodes have gone)

  3. Press the back button to return to Library / Up Next, click on the same show and go More -> All Episodes and it takes you to a blank screen which just has 3 buttons "Watch Next, Manage Series Pass and ...More".

It all comes back to normal if you start the process over by clicking "Library".

Android Client Version: 3.13
Server Version: 2021.03.18.0022

I tried to reproduce this today on SHIELD and in a phone emulator and was not able to make it happen..

I've taken a screen recording of the issue :blush:

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