Show duplicate Channels from different device types


This is more of a "nice to have" type of request. I have an extend and a prime HDHomerun device. I would like to have a way to enable duplicate channels in the channels guide when the device types do not match. If I set my prime as the higher priority device all of the duplicate OTA channels from the extend that match the cable channels on the prime are removed. Likewise if I set the extend higher then the duplicate cable channels on the prime are removed. I would like to be able to see both without having to adjust the priority if possible. Sorry if this was already requested, but I did not see anything related.


Just curious why you would want this? I think it would clutter up the channels list. I'm fairly certain that if the tuners on device 1 are all in use, it will fall back to device 2 for duplicate channels. So it's not like those channels are lost; they are just hidden to simplify and clean up the UI.


Valid question. So, I haven't seen it actually drop back automatically. Best way for me to explain is by Example: On the Prime using cable the HD channel for ABC is 802 while the OTA HD channel on the extend is 2.1. If the prime is set to higher priority then 802 is the only "version" of that channel available to me and if all tuners are in use on the prime it does not automatically drop to using the extend's available channel on 2.1 I just get the "all tuners in use" message.


That's interesting. I thought it would kick over to the other device, but I could be wrong. Maybe that's a question for the Channels developers, then...


The app will automatically fall back to secondary tuners based on the priority. On what app/platform did you notice it wasn't working?


I mostly use the app on apple tv and this is where I saw this happen recently. I got the error message while trying to tune to 802 on the Prime, so I was assuming that it did not automatically fall back to my OTA tuner on 2.1. I changed priority making my extend top priority and was able to watch the OTA station 2.1, so I that's why I called this a "nice to have" because I had a way to work around the issue.


Please reproduce the problem and then click submit diagnostics


Ok, I will attempt to make this happen again when I get home later this evening. Thanks for your help!


Ok I tried it again by setting a bunch of channels to record and then viewing 802 and it did appear to use the secondary tuner, but the app thought I was watching 2.4 giving me program information for that channel/program but showing the feed for 2.1. So whatever I was doing before must have been some other issue like the tuner being unavailable (or some other user error). Other than showing wrong program information it worked as expected. I submitted diagnostics as requested.