Show episode info after completion


On the Apple TV app, after you finish watching a show, the next thing you see is the detailed info dialog about the episode, and you can easily delete it after watching with a couple of clicks on the remote. As you know. :wink:

When using the iPad app, after I finish watching an episode and tap “Done”, I’m taken back to the main DVR page. At this point, it’s a bit of a pain to delete the episode I just watched. It’s no longer in “Up Next” (since I just watched it) - so I need to find the show in “recently recorded”, then go to the episode in question, and then I can tap more and delete.

I think I would prefer something closer to what the Apple TV app does - so when I tap “Done” after watching an episode, maybe go back to the dialog with the episode details and the “More” button, so I can delete the episode quickly with a couple of taps. Or, maybe a pop up or something after watching that asks if I want to delete. Or anything, really, to avoid having to track the episode down amidst all of the shows in “Recently Recorded”...



Totally agree!