Show/Hide filters for 'TV' and 'Movie'

Request for adding this as a feature since it is already present for the guide and schedule.

This would be great.

This is already on the road map. It is present in the Apple clients as "Enhanced Library", but the feature has not yet made the port to Android.

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I thought it might be but didn't find it initially with a search. Thanks.

Here's the doc on the feature:

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Hi Racameron,
Was gonna make another thread asking you this as I can't find it in the archives they have plans to allow moving the Picture-in-Picture location? It is truly awful in the middle of the guide and would be much better in the upper right-hand corner where it's typically empty.

The program information could be word-wrapped and it would be pretty nice-looking.

As I understand it, PIP location is determined by the OS, not the app.

PIP is done as an overlay, not in-set. Therefore, wrapping would not occur.

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Right. I realize it's a floating item, I just thought placement could make it look more natural and they could explicitly force the program info wrap.

Oh well, it's not an emergency but it would be cool looking for those of us in the android world....

As always, thank you for your information.