Show Icon NG on Recordings

Using Version 2021.02.09.1725 on Windows 10.

When viewed on FireStick 4K, everything looks good.

When viewing DVR -> All Recordings -> everything looks good.

When viewing DVR -> All Recordings -> Recordings -> All,
the icons are dark, bleary, and meaningless. They look like they might be the first frame of the recording. I don't remember this being this way in the past, and I don't think they are what anyone would want.

I'm assuming you're talking about the preview image for a recording. Channels DVR takes a snapshot of a frame from the recording video and saves it as a small 640x360 pixel jepg file. You can see these files in your DVR/Images directory as preview-fileID#.jpg.

I guess I am. What I'm saying is that is useless and not recognizable as anything useful. It would be much better if it just the regular series image.

can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing?

I have a screenshot. I will try to figure out how to upload it.

Got it.

Yes, when Channels makes a recording, it creates a thumbnail of recording. It uses a specific time in the recording to do this.

What you are seeing is working appropriately.

What you are looking for has moved. Before, all recordings were only displayed under Recordings page of the DVR's web UI. Now, the organized recordings can be found in a new Library top-level page which mimics the Library views in the client apps. The Recordings page now is home only to the Recordings sub-section of the previous web UI's format.

I can't use "Library" because my manual recordings don't show up there.

If you use a seriesID in the payload, does it show up in the Library?

I remember replacing the thumbnail image with my own for an imported recording (still trying to find my post). I know you're making a feature request to use the series/show art image instead of a thumbnail grabbed from some random place in the recording, but you can do it. Hopefully the devs will allow us to use sidecar (local) artwork eventually as they progress with larger libraries.

I did have some fun looking through my preview image thumbnails for recordings and trying to ID which recording they belonged to. More than half of them gave me no clue what the recording was.

A few obvious ones were
Area 51
Chuck Norris' Epic Guide to Military Vehicles
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Not so obvious were
Iceberg Cowboys
Steve Jobs -- One Last Thing
Valley Uprising

I guess you could say these prove something was recorded and it wasn't a static image saying Not Available or the like, but they're not really helpful and not always a good quality frame captured.

Okay, I understand. However, please consider that "working appropriately" is not always desirable.