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In my favorites section Show Options there is no option to play by season/episode order ... As you well know when recording full series of a show there is no guarantee which episode will record first.

Only options are to watch by recorded date (new/Oldest)... This show the oldest is Season 7. not Season 1.... When you go into the Show it should go to either in progress or last unwatched episode in order.

That option just reversed the order the episodes are presented in, and effects things like auto play and Up Next.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, but recordings are sorted by season episode if they have that data, otherwise they’re sorted by date.

I’m just sort of unclear what your complaint (for lack of better word) is.

When I select the show to watch it highlights the oldest Show recorded which is Season 7 .... It should go to the earliest episode unwatched or in progress ... which in my case should be Season 1 episode 1. I have to scroll all the way down to watch episode1 then I have to do the same thing when I come back to watch episode 2. As you can see below sorting by oldest or new is no help.

Yes, I would suggest setting the Airing Order system option to oldest first.

As we are a DVR first for most fans, they usually want the latest showing first. For archival fans, you can use this setting. This is what I personally use as I want them in order.

As you can imagine, the default is a toss up, someone’s always going to want it the other way, so that’s why there’s a setting.

That really doesn't help for recording and watching full series ... It will always fall on the very first episode even if you have watched 22 of them.... but thanks for taking time to listen. I guess you are not using watched status to select the next unwatched.

If you click the watch button, it will play the next episode.

Focus just doesn’t auto select it. It’s a technical thing.

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That works thanks. Learn something new every day.

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