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I know we had a long and somewhat frustrating discussion about the show progress bars in the guide and how I think a simple drop line would be a much better solution.

Anyway, I noticed another problem with the progress bars.

When a show is so long that it doesn’t fit on screen, the progress bar does not provide any useful information.

For example, on this first screenshot, it looks like Octopussy (for example) hasn’t already been on for some time.

Then here it looks like it’s only been on for a bit:

Finally, this is the furthest left I can scroll and you cannot see the right hand end of it, so a % based progress bar is really not much more use than something that tells you it’s already part way through.

I really do wish a more simple and elegant solution had been taken.

We get it, you don't like the progress bars, because they aren't conveying the information you want them to. This has been discussed ad naseum as to how they work, and why the decisions were made.

If you don't like them, ignore them. I think they are quite intuitive and well-executed. Obviously our opinions differ.

Your request for a full vertical line across the guide to denote the current time has been addressed: the current time is indicated by a dot between the time legends and the top of the guide.

Thanks we are aware of this bug where the progress bar can disappear when scrolling to the right

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