Shows take 2 or 3 attempts to delete from Recordings/Library

While using the Android TV client on my various Shield TVs, I've found that from both the library, but more specifically the "recordings" tab require me to trash the same recordings multiple times.

I'll click the Trash button and it appears that it's gone away, but when I scroll down and back up, it's re-appeared again. SOMETIMES it goes away after going to the trash the second time, but most always goes away after the third try.

I should note that this does not appear to be an issue on my Apple TV 4K.

I have noticed this too that sometimes I have to Trash a recording twice before it disappears.

Noticed the same a few weeks ago. I haven't done much testing the the shield seems to refresh the data less often then other clients.

For example I deleted 22, 1hr episodes all at once on the shield. They didn't seem to delete but the fire stick couldn't see them anymore. Then went to "storage used" screen on firetv and the shield. The fire tv showed it had 200+gb more space available. The shield never updated until I closed and reopened the app completely.