Showtime TVeverywhere?

Showtime Anywhere shows live TV on their website, once authenticated with a provider. Is there anyway this could work with Channels? I’d love to add that channel into the guide.


Because a network offers a online web stream of live tv, does not mean they support a TVE stream. I don't think Showtime has a TVE stream. There are many other networks like this, like Discovery Family, Nickelodeon, A&E etc where their live tv stream is exclusive to their app or website and not available for TVE via Channels.

What provider do you have?
You can look in the forums here under each provider for the list that of network TVE streams each provider has acces to via Channels DVR.

its a premium channel, so I doubted it would work, but was surprised to learn they have a live feed on their website and app. And, I had to authenticate on both the website and app, similar to TVE, but appears to not be the same. I was just hoping :slight_smile:

From the responses in the past I don't think Channels wants to get into recording Premiums

If you have Showtime, you should have access to their VoD app. They don't have commercials, so why would you need to record? Just curious.

Because channel surfing doesn't work with VOD. Or because networks have been known to expire VOD programming and remove it from their apps/sites, whereas a local recordings will never expire.

Just to be able to channel surf, and see the live stuff in the guide. Don’t really need to record it, just be integrated j to the guide. But it’s fine not to, just a wish.