Shuffle Recordings for Chromecast with Google TV?

I recently switched from Apple TV to the new Google Chromecast with Google TV and remote control, and I absolutely love it. The one killer feature that I'm missing terribly is the shuffle feature on Apple TV. For the sake of my marriage can you please try to implement it at some point? I also want to say that channels DVR is single-handedly the greatest thing about cord-cutting and the modern live TV streaming experience. I really can't thank all of the channels developers and team enough for the beautiful job you've done with this experience.

Such kind words!! It’s also awesome to hear feedback on Shuffle. It’s a tiny feature and it’s hard to know how much people like it. I find it crucial for my kids!

Sorry it’s not on the Android client yet but it will come soon. We’ll need to implement a lot for it to work, including Auto Play, as the backing infrastructure for that feature is how shuffle works.

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Well it's good to hear that you're planning on implementing it. What would also solve my problem to a degree, would be the ability to choose a TV show to play and have it automatically play the next episode continuously through the night into the morning. That would be a feature that would simulate live TV, and the cherry on top would be having the ability to watch the show that we want while we sleep. I know that may sound strange but we love watching Roseanne and or Golden girls while to go to bed and wake up to lol!

That is what the aforementioned Auto Play feature does.

So, when Shuffle comes to Android, Auto Play will be there, too.

There are a couple other features in the current Apple versions that still have yet to make their appearance on Android in addition to those two. When the Android redesign was released, it was mentioned that making the Kids section optional, the enhanced Library views, as well as the Kiosk feature were still yet to be ported over.

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Thanks for clarifying that. I think I read through his reply too quickly and skipped over where he clearly talks about autoplay. Very exciting that it's in the works. Channels is a game changer.

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Sign me up as another looking forward to shuffle and autoplay on the androidTV app! When this is in the beta let us know! This is so useful for kids shows!

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