Shut down Channels DVR on power failure

I have my network (including my Channels DVR and HDHomerun) on a APC UPS 1500VA battery backup. Is there a way to automatically shutdown the Raspberry Pi that my DVR is running on when the battery gets low?

You need to set a script for your UPS software to call when its power drops.

Unfortunately, that's something you need to manage based upon how you installed Channels, and not something the software itself handles.

An Internet search will turn up what you're looking for.
raspberry pi ups nut

NUT is Network UPS Tools

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Thank you very much for the information. Wow, that is a lot, but I’ll keep looking at it.

I used the official Channels Raspberry Pi image. Can I still install NUT on the same Pi?

Not sure, I don't use a Pi. Someobody else will have to respond.

You can, but it's non-trivial. There are no repositories or package managers, so you need to handle it yourself.

I'm going to Google for some how-tos for this. Do you know what OS the RPi Channels server runs on?

Good news!

I have a second Raspberry Pi that is Running Home Assistant, so I asked in that forum for some advice. And it turns out that Home Assistant has a NUT plugin that I can use to trigger an automation to send a shutdown code to the Channels Pi thru ssh once the battery goes down to a specified level.

I haven't done this yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for everyone's help on this.

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