Sideways virtual channel

So I’ve been playing around with a virtual channel for home videos shot with iPhone. Everything went good except my shield tv pro displays all videos shot in portrait orientation sideways when watching in virtual channel or from library. What I mean is the bottom of video (like grass) is on the right of screen and the top(like the sky) is on the left of screen. The shield tv does display videos shot in landscape properly. This does not happen in iPhone and iPad app, and is correct and working properly with those clients.

Track #0: H.265 / HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)
3840x2160 yuv420p 59.94fps
Track #1: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
stereo und 186.725kbps

Channels v4.0.1
AndroidTV 9 API/28

Dvr Version 2021.11.01.0011

Is this a known bug? Search came up with nothing. Thanks

Any difference with Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Driver set to Hybrid or Software?

I’ll check those when I get home and report back

This is a fascinating way to use virtual channels and honestly one of the better reasons to support Home Videos with Local Content.

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Ya it actually works wonderfully(minus the sideways thing). The wife melted when some older toddler videos of the kids came up. I think it’s the first time she watched tv for more than a single recorded tv episode. Couple of small annoyances I’ve found so far but I doubt will be able to be fixed. 1. Obviously most vids are only a couple minutes long, so when trying to click on the current stream of virtual channel is difficult. 2. I don’t really want 200plus short videos showing in the library. Solved by hiding from library but that’s a lot of work to go in individually and hide. A manual setting to hide all movies from the library that do not have a cover art or something possible? Pretty small use case I’m sure so I won’t hold my breath. lol

Yeah, not much you can do about that. If I were you, I’d use some merging tools and just start merging the videos together to be longer videos.

Curious, does clicking on the virtual channel logo in the guide present an on later view like a normal channel does?

It does but it warns that there’s no content.

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What Maddox said

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Hardware plays video well but it is sideways
Hybrid and software play like slow motion with tons of dropped frames. Unwatchable on hybrid and software. However the video orientation is correct on hybrid and software

In my brief search I didn’t come up with any merging software that does both hevc and runs on Linux. Any ideas?

Maybe with LosslessCut.

In this video, the guy is doing it on Windows but LosslessCut is also available for Linux so it should work the same.

Generally speaking, ffmpeg is the main engine that handles video processing. You could also do it on the command line.

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MKVToolNix works, but I usually just go with Ffmpeg.

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